Center for Healthy Living

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what does it take to live a truly healthy life?  According to a group of dedicated health and wellness practitioners and chiropractors in Fort Walton Beach, FL creating a village may also be just the ticket to embracing the changes needed to live a healthier, happier lifestyle that creates a synergistic approach to holistic living.  The Center for Healthy Living consists of chiropractors, license massage therapists, acupuncturist, yoga and nutritional coaching, and Café Organic.  The Center serves as a hub of holistic health resources and individuals who have teamed up to cater to the overall healthcare needs of their community.  Guests of this integrated clinic benefit from chiropractic postural correction, massage therapy, exercise prescription, acupuncture, laser therapy,  yoga, Aqua Chi ionic foot baths, nutritional counseling, meditation, and healthy cooking and eating.

The Center for Healthy Living is also home to the Emerald Coast Non-Profit Organic Food Co-operation, a non-profit volunteer run group which provides its’ members with year-round access to organic, locally grown produce.  The initiative started with fifteen families and has grown steadily meeting the desires of area families looking to access high quality, organically grown produce, while supporting the efforts of local farmers.  “When we first started doing this we kept hearing from farmers that they wanted to offer a healthier product grown organically, but there wasn’t a market for it.  They were growing all this stuff and it was just sitting there, and they weren’t making a living.  So we made an agreement with the local, regional farmers ‘if you grow it, I will buy it.’  It’s a partnership we’re forming.”  Visit for more information

Café Organic is the newest addition to The Center.  Café Organic opened its’ doors in May 2011.  It serves as a somewhat of an interactive classroom for individuals in need of guidance regarding how to prepare the items distributed through the Co-op, as well as a dining hot-spot for people to eat an amazingly tasty and healthy lunch.   Everything served at Café Organic is made in-house and can service a meat eaters, vegetarians, vegan, and gluten free diet.  The menu is seasonal with different specials every day.   Visit for more information.

Café Organic, the Organic Food Co-operation, and the entire healthy lifestyle community contained within the Center for Healthy Living is the brainchild of Dr. Edward Frisbee.  The Center and its’ parts are the culmination of a goal over 25 years in the making.  Dr. Frisbee says, “My motivation for starting our center is to help change the paradigm of healthcare in this country.  We must bring back the joy to the lives of people in the U.S.  We are currently ranked 37th in the world when I comes to healthy aging.  We need a simpler way to get this country on the right course.”  Years of experience as a chiropractor demonstrated to Dr. Frisbee that simply explaining the necessary lifestyle changes was not an effective way to maximize his patients’ health.  Something more tangible seemed necessary to help him execute his mission of paving a pathway to a healthier life.  Food that can be sampled, clear and easy access to various fitness and holistic services provide that path and make incorporating these changes easier, thus creating a greater impact.  Perhaps it does take a village; that village can be found at Drs. Frisbee and Kracht Center for Heahlty Living.

Location : 119A Truxton Ave, Fort Walton Beach, Fl 32547

119B Truxton Ave, Fort Walton Beach, Fl 32547

113 Truxton Ave, Fort Walton Beach, Fl 32547

Truxton Ave. is off of Racetrack Road between Choctawhatchee High School and the Fire Department


The partners include:

Drs. Frisbee and Kracht Center for Healthy Living

Edward Frisbee, D.C., CCSP

Karin Frisbee, D.C.

Cheryl Kracht, D.C.

Matthew Frisbee, D.C.

Kimberly Johnson, LMT

Harrison Coles, LMT

Susan Leger, LMT

Tiffany Barton, LMT

Contact: (850) 862-4313


Services offered: chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, postural correction, exercise prescription, and nutritional counseling.



Acupunture and Laser Therapy

Susan Kracht, D.C., Certified Acupuncturist

Contact: (850) 865-1995

Services offered: acupuncture, laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments


Café Organic

Contact: (850) 585-3645

Services offered: Dine-in eating, carry-out eating, catering, cooking classes


Emerald Coast Organic Non-profit Food Co-operation